Dress Code



1. Clothes shall be sufficient to conceal undergarments at all times.  See-through fabrics, sheer, fishnet fabrics (clothing with large holes), halter tops, off the shoulder, low cut tops, and bare midriffs are not allowed. 
Shirts must be at least 3 fingers wide on the top of the shoulder.

2. Side vent shirts (tank tops with low cut sides), crop tops and spaghetti straps are prohibited.

3. Necklines should be conservative in exposure. No cleavage.


1. Shorts, skirts, and dresses worn must be modest length.

(Not shorter than the mid-thigh and student’s fingertips when standing with hands at side.)

2. Pants with holes exposing skin in the area between the waist and where the student’s fingertips reach when standing with hands at side are prohibited. No duct tape over holes.

3. Pants, skirts, and dresses that are excessively tight including spandex, leggings, yoga pants, biker shorts, or whatever current term is used for excessively tight pants are prohibited.

4. If spandex, biker shorts, leggings, yoga pants, tights, or whatever current term is used for excessively tight pants are worn as an undergarment, then the outer layer of clothing must be at the end of fingertips length when standing with hands at the side, ALL THE WAY AROUND the body. Hoodies, oversized t-shirts and tied shirts/jackets around the waist are not acceptable outerwear for leggings.

5. Pants that hang under the heel of the shoes to the extent that it may constitute a safety hazard, or that are worn below the hipbone (sagging), are prohibited.



1. Headgear, including but not limited to hats, visors, caps, and sunglasses, may not be worn during the school day. (Exceptions may be made for religious or medical reasons.)

2. Clothing that reveals undergarments or bare midriff is prohibited.

3. Apparel, accessories, buttons, jewelry, or tattoos that depict vulgarity or prohibited substances including, but not limited to, drugs, alcohol, and tobacco are prohibited.

4. Bare feet and sock feet are prohibited. Shoes must be worn at all times. Flip-flops are permitted, but greatly discouraged due to safety concerns.

5. Pajamas are prohibited except on pajama day.

6. Heavy chains, jewelry that is pointed or sharp, or other items or accessories that are readily adaptable for use as a weapon are prohibited.

7. Clothing that may denote gang membership and/or associated with gang colors are prohibited.

8. Bulky or heavy coats are not to be worn inside the building unless malfunctioning of the heating system would dictate otherwise.  Hoodies and light jackets are acceptable.

Administration shall make such determinations.          

If the school identifies items of apparel, accessories, buttons, or jewelry that are not set forth in this dress and appearance code, but that are inappropriate or unsafe, the school may prohibit such items through announcements and publication in the school newsletter. It is impossible to foresee the fads and fashions of the future; therefore, the school reserves the right to prohibit any that may occur.



When violations of this code occur, the student will be instructed to correct the violation.

1st offense – Students will be sent to the office for a warning and conference with the assistant principal. Students must call home and request a change of clothes. A record of offenses will be kept in the office as documentation.

2nd offense – Students will be sent to the assistant principal’s office with a behavior referral. Students must call home and request a change of clothes. Students will receive 3 days of lunch detention

3rd offense – Students will be sent to the assistant principal’s office with a behavior referral. Students will receive 5 days lunch detention or after school detention as determined by the assistant principal.

4th offense – Students will be sent to the assistant principal’s office with a behavior referral and they will be treated as a habitual violator of school policies (insubordination), resulting in 1 day suspension per subsequence offense.

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